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Examining the relationship between exercise and cancer treatment

Examining the relationship between - exercise and cancer treatment (3)

Sickness is often an indicator of a weakened immune system. There are many things that lower human immunity including lack of proper diet and exercise. Modern diseases like cancer, however, often come as a result of many other things that may not even be related to healthy routines. It is commonly known that the effects of diseases can be reduced through various exercise routines. When it comes to cancer treatment, people often have questions about how the disease can be managed through the incorporation of various exercise routines. Research has come to show that – exercise and cancer treatment can go hand in hand to improve the quality of life through the following ways:

1. Improving physical health

As with any disease, cancer patients are faced with the effects of the ailment including general body weakness. While research in the past prescribed rest as that the best way to treat cancer, modern research has come to refute these arguments. The rationale today is that since cancer is not aggravated by physical exercise, then it is best to maintain a good physical exercise routine so that the body does not suffer the effects of excessive rest.

2. Improving productivity

Examining the relationship between - exercise and cancer treatment (1)
Exercising the body has a lot of benefits. In addition to making the body strong, exercise promotes the production of special endorphins in the body which affect the mood of a person in a positive way. This can be especially beneficial to a cancer patient as it helps them move on with daily life. It can also go a long way in encouraging patients to focus on their daily routines like they would normally do. Exercise must however be done in moderation where the patient does not suffer from adverse pain.

3. Post-therapy benefits:- exercise and cancer treatment

Examining the relationship between - exercise and cancer treatment (2)There are many side effects that come after the treatment of cancer. These side effects can range from very mild to severe. Most of them affect the physical aspect of the body. By exercising frequently during the treatment phase, a cancer patient can prepare the body for the post-therapy phase. Exercise can promote proper development of body tissues and increase the general health of the body. If and when the post-therapy side effects hit, a patient who has been exercising can expect a less challenging after-treatment phase.

On the overall, there are many health benefits of combining – exercise and cancer treatment. Other additional measures like proper diet can also make the disease more manageable.