Dengue Fever Symptoms And Other Related Conditions

The Main Dengue Fever Symptoms

Dengue fever is a common tropical disease that is usually transmitted by mosquitoes. This fever is caused by the dengue virus and its symptoms may vary from mild to severe. Generally, people who contract the fever may begin to experience severe symptoms from the third day of the infection to the seventh day. Although the symptoms may vary from one case to another, the most commonly documented symptoms include high fever, vomiting, painful muscles, aching joints, headache and a skin rash.


Dengue fever symptoms rash

One of the most commonly noticed symptoms of dengue fever is the development of a characteristic rash. The rash usually spreads over the back, the stomach and other parts of the body. The rash may get severe in the early days of the infection, but tends to clear within seven days with the right treatment. According to medical experts, the virus that causes dengue fever comes in five different types. Once a person suffers from a given type of infection, they tend to develop a robust immunity of that particular virus, but that does not guarantee absolute immunity against the rest.

Life-threatening symptomsmosquito on skin

Although the cases may be rare, dengue fever may degenerate into life-threatening symptoms. One of the dangerous symptoms is the dengue hemorrhagic fever. This condition is usually associated with the leakage of blood plasma and bleeding. People who experience this kind of fever may also experience low levels of blood platelets and very low blood pressure. According to the doctors, a timely diagnosis and treatment of the fever limits its chances of transforming into its life-threatening form.

Children at risk

The danger with dengue fever symptoms among children is that it may show very mild symptoms during the early stages of the incubation fever. At this point, it is important for parents and guardians to check for the tell-tale signs of dengue fever symptoms rash so that it is not confused with any other condition. In particular, it is important for close examination and thorough diagnosis on children who may have toured or stayed in places where the fever is highly prevalent.

dengue fever symptoms

Other related conditions

Dengue fever may lead to other complications on vital organs such as the heart and liver. The fever may lead to the inflammation of the brain, which may culminate into feelings of mild unconsciousness on the part of the patient. Acute liver failure and the infection of the heart are conditions that may result in a severe attack of dengue fever. Therefore, the diagnosis of dengue fever symptoms rash should be followed up by prompt medical attention to prevent it from turning dangerously aggressive.