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Reasons Why You Should Not Share Your Contact Lenses

It may be unusual to hear someone sharing their contact lenses with others. The increase in popularity of non-graded colored and costume contact lenses has brought the surge of exchanging lenses with their friends. Since the lenses they used are not prescribed and are not used to correct vision problems, colored and fancy contact lenses are seen by teenagers and young adults as accessories rather than as a medical tool that needs proper cleaning.

As a result, there has been an increasing reported case of eye issues because of contact lens wear among teens. Apart from eye discomfort, allergic reactions, eye abrasions, and eye disease are among the most common problems associated with lens swapping with other people. And on some severe cases require eye surgery.

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Eye Abrasions

People who borrow contact lenses are at risk of developing eye abrasions since lenses must be suitable for the wearer’s eyes. The ill-fitting lens will compulsively let the lens borrower rub against his eyes. When the abrasion unfortunately occurs, the lens wearer, therefore, will have a blurred vision, irritated, or redness on the eyes while wearing the lenses.

Allergic Reactions

Aside from wearing a contact lens that does not properly fit for their eyes, contact lens shares are at risk of allergic reactions due to contact lens saline solution, cleaning products, and even the materials used for manufacturing the lens. If lens fitting is carried out correctly by a practitioner, they can ensure that the lens fits the wearer and that the wearer does not suffer from any known allergies to lenses or even cleaning solutions.

Eye Infections

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While wearing them, contact lenses are also soaked by the wearer’s tears and any possible existing bacteria. Assuming those who share lenses do not usually practice strict proper cleaning of the lens, the present germs are passed by one wearer to another. This lack of strict hygiene and the transmission of bacteria can cause potentially severe eye infections. And in most cases, it does not get appropriately treated can lead to blindness.

Since those who use contact lenses that share or let other people borrow their lens does not regularly visit an ophthalmologist, these eye issues can continually persist and develop quickly as the wearer is unlikely to get treatment at the right time.

The use of colored or patterned contact lenses offers an easy and convenient way to change your appearance for an upcoming event or party. However, it is essential to obtain a non-corrective prescription from a licensed eye care professional and receive instructions for proper lens cleaning and care. You can gently expose your eyes to risky conditions if you use tinted or costume lenses without the right prescription.